Team Fortress 2

Posted by Coilis On Friday, February 4, 2011 6 comments

Man after playing the past couple of days I got some pretty funny screenshots of what happened from me and to me. Here's the highlights.

Gotta love the way the ragdoll works on source.

Human Centipede anyone?

Killed with a deflected arrow....I felt like I was superior.

Man that arrow effect.

This scout just looked to cool to not take a screenshot of.


Jik said...

lol pretty neat pictures there, i played team fortress one but not two.

Lendo Khar said...

Why they keep adding new stuff, now there are so many hats and so little time.

Andy Khun said...

lol what are you using to take screenies? xfire?

Coilis said...

@ Lendo: Its because its valVe cant expect them to add good content.

@ Andy: You just need to hit F5 when you want to. It posts it in .tga though so youll need a converter like irfranview.

Juston23 said...

Haha human centipede is awesome

Anonymous said...

excellent screen grabs. its been some time since i played tf2. cheers for sharing them

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