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Alright guys time to share one of my most favorite hobbies to do. Since I got a good number of replies from my last post ill explain why I asked. I'm looking for a number of flash games to make hacks or..."Game Shark cheats" for them. Okay~ onto the buisness.

An array of bytes is exactly what it sounds like, an array of bytes. In flash a single byte consists of two numbers and/or letters such as A5. The hex codes range from A-F and 0-1 and can be in any arrangement such as the example in the previous sentence or bytes like 66 3e 94 so on and so forth. What I do with this is called Reverse Engineering.

Reverse engineering basically changes an array of bytes to make them work a different way than it's suppose to work. Now lets move on to how to use them.

The use of an AoB (Array of Bytes) can be easily used by a program called Cheat Engine. I'm pretty sure that a lot of you have heard of cheat engine or even used it. To hack a flash game its actually one of the easiest ways to do it. "Why use AoB's if I can just edit the score that I get", two reasons; first off a game isn't as fun when you don't play it, secondly there are certain online games or multiplayer games where the score can't be edited since the game normally runs off the server. Alright lets get to the tutorial! -Note- For the tutorial ill be using a game from Neopets, yes Neopet's I go there mostly because they have some pretty challenging games to hack and I have to brainstorm on how I want to hack them.

Thing's you'll need:
Cheat Engine
Firefox/Chrome Web Browser

Step 1. Load up your web browser of choice, I chose firefox because the plug-in container is easier to locate. Load the game and then load up cheat engine. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT click anything on the game just let it sit there.

Step 2: Once that is loaded up on the cheat engine window select the processes Icon which is boxed in the red. (Picture below)

Step 3: Select your process so ill be using plugin-container.

 Step 4: In the value type drop down box select Array of Bytes

Step 5: Select your array of bytes that you have for the current game you are playing and hit first scan. (In box  image below). Hit enter.

Step 6: After it's done scanning you should get address' in the field to your left (1). Select and drop these values down [If there is more than one] and click the red arrow on the bottom of the program (2). Your values should end up in (3).

Step 7: Select the values you recently dropped down into that box and right click and go to Change Record > Value.

Step 8: A dialog box should appear like so. Enter the modified AoB that is provided and hit enter or click OK.

Step 9: After you have selected OK the game will have the hacks enabled. So go back to your game and start playing!

How do I know what code to look for and what to replace? Easy the AoB ontop is the code you search for and the code on the bottom is the one you replace it with.
Game Name:
Infinite Lives:
66 45 f4 e5 6a <- AoB to search for.
66 0a a1 1e 61 <- AoB to replace.

I hope this clarifies things if you've ever seen them on websites/etc. 

Here's a video for people who are to lazy to read:


Glaucon said...

I've never considered hacking flash games, lol but awesome :)

Hydrax said...

Nice guide man!

Niko said...

I'll have to try this. But first, I'll need to find a flash game first. Cool little insight into Reverse Engineering.

PS I'm liking the new layout bro.

Adamski said...

lol dude you got way too much time on your hands. would make for a fun little diversion from sitting in class though

Plansetas said...

Nice tutorial i remmember there used to be another program i used to cheat on adventurequest it's called wpe pro if i remember correctly.

!sense! said...

can you do that with any game?

Anonymous said...

That looks awesome, those kind of things are good to know sometime! Also, does this work with any flash game?

mrbabylon said...

Wow, didn't even know you could do this to games

Coilis said...

To everyone who asked yes this can be done with all flash games, although some flash "games" only act as a movie to show whats happening server side.

el sid said...

Cool stuff man! Definitely trying this out...

Justin Bieber Fanclub said...

Didnt know that, awesome!

Gilbertron said...

Wow I never realized you could do this. Might try this out when I get the time lol. Following for my info (Y)

Kaluxos said...

I didn't even know this was possible.....thanks for the great blog and nice reading material.

Anonymous said...

seems a bit confusing but worth a try. cheers for sharing it

AssortedNews said...

Cool tips bro!

Life can be Interesting said...

Thanks for the information! Always been a cheater, guess I'll never change.

Raw News said...


I had no idea you could edit the addresses in flash games.

the thought never even crossed my mind.

kudos to you sir.

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